Device Comparison Chart

Use this handy comparison sheet to evaluate which Fitbit devices are right for your population.
Fitbit Trackers & Smartwatches
Provide motivation, inspiration and innovation on the wrist with a wide range of activity trackers and smartwatches.
Innovation that guides members towards better health
  • Put wellbeing first with Daily Readiness Score, Health Metrics, heart health tracking and stress management tools.
  • Find calm
  • Understand how the body reacts to stress with a daily Stress Management Score. Plus, find calm with mindfulness tools and soothing audio tracks.
  • Make the most of ZZZs
  • Gain a better understanding of sleep with a daily Sleep Score and wake up refreshed with Smart Wake. Then, with Premium, get deeper insights with a detailed Sleep Score breakdown and guidance on how to improve with guided programs.
* Features described above vary by device and may be exclusive to Fitbit Premium members.
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