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BP Succeeds With Million Step Challenge

This annual list celebrates the healthiest in population health, taking into account organizational vision, success metrics, the impact on company culture, development of internal expertise, and use of technology. 

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BP, the global oil and gas company, is committed to making all forms of energy cleaner and better. They’re committed to their employees’ wellbeing, too, with a wellness program designed to get them moving. In 2018, as part of the BP Million Step Challenge, they offered employees the chance to earn points toward lower healthcare costs for taking at least a million steps. Thousands of employees hit this milestone and then some, tracking their steps with Fitbit activity trackers.

Presenter: JANE DOE
Presenter: JANE DOE
Join us for a webinar featuring Nicole Fletcher, Vice President, Human Resources, at Bangor Savings Bank. Nicole will share her experiences in creating a wellness program for hundreds of employees across 60+ locations, all at different stages of their personal wellness journeys.
Presenter: JANE DOE

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