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How Wearables Enhance Perioperative Patient Engagement for Patients and Providers

Good surgical outcomes depend on good patient engagement both pre- and post-operation. But faced with competing demands for high-touch patient engagement and their already heavy workload, healthcare providers need to lean on wearable technology to support outcomes.

White Paper produced by Xtelligent Healthcare Media
In a healthcare industry increasingly embracing value-based payment models, outcomes are of utmost importance. For surgical patients, ensuring a smooth path to recovery and avoiding hospital readmission and emergency department (ED) visits along the way is key to optimal reimbursement—and avoiding costly penalties.

Read this white paper from Xtelligent to learn how:
  • Why patient engagement is important pre- and post-surgery.
  • How clinicians can utilize wearables to help withperioperative patient engagement.
  • The benefits of patient insights, and how they can help a provider or care team member engage a
    patient in that behavior change or adjust a rehabilitation exercise.
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