Fit for the Ages

Wearables connect grandparents and grandkids to make health & wellness fun.
Fit for the Ages
There are lots of reasons to adopt new technology, whether it’s adding convenience to your life, increasing connection with loved ones, or accessing new information. But make no mistake that for grandparents, one factor trumps them all—getting to hang out with their grandkids.

Most grandparents are not only more willing to learn about technology from their beloved grandkids, but they also discover that technology provides another way to bond with their favorite people.

Read the guide for a closer look at:
  • How families are turning to wearables to strengthen their bonds—and improve their health and wellbeing together
  • Why Grandparents are increasingly open to new technology, especially when it becomes a way to connect with their grandchildren.
  • Ways families are cultivating health together
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