Wellness Dollars: A Critical Spend For Employers

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The last few years have signaled a seismic shift in how, when, and where employees work, and HR leaders are now responsible for meeting the wellbeing needs of a burnt out, distributed workforce.

So what now? What can you do to ensure your company's wellness dollars are being utilized on tools and resources that are going to support your employees through these challenges?

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • What Wellness Dollars are, and what they can cover
  • How the pandemic has shaped employee health and workplace expectations, and how Wellness Dollars can address these changes.
  • The 3 things to consider when allocating your Wellness Dollars

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Kristi Lee
Regional Head of Business Development, Corporate Health & Wellbeing
Fitbit Health Solutions at Google
Kristi Lee is Fitbit Health Solutions’ Regional Head of Business Development for their Corporate Health & Wellbeing channel. Previously, Kristi held several roles in the software technology industry before joining Fitbit to align her personal passions with her career. She also is a Certified Instructor at The Bar Method. Kristi has a Bachelor's degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and now resides in San Francisco.