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Consumer Wearables in Value-Based Care

With the rise of value-based care, providers, health systems, and payers need more ways to engage patients in their health — and wearables can help.
8 Use Cases for Wearables in Value-Based Care
When it comes to value-based care, improving outcomes while reducing costs is the gold standard. Getting there starts with helping patients make lifestyle changes to lower their health risks.

But how can you keep patients engaged with their health every day when they only see their doctor once or twice a year?

Wearables can connect the dots, serving as a new tool for patient engagement, early disease detection, and more. Read Consumer Wearables in Value-Based Care to learn:

  • Why adoption of wearables is on the rise  
  • How wearables help patients take control of health
  • The real-world use cases for wearables in value-based care that impact costs and outcomes

A new healthcare model requires new tools. Discover how consumer wearables can close the gap between health advice and patient action.
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