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At the Corner of Sleep and Stress

A review of the interconnected relationship between sleep and stress, along with seven ways wearable tech can uncover patterns in sleep and stress to enable holistic behavior changes.
Why the sleep-stress connection matters for population health
Studies show that getting more sleep and managing stress can have an outsized impact on both physical and mental health.1,2

Not only that, but also the more you improve one metric – getting more sleep or reducing stress – the easier it is to improve the other, making the intersection of sleep and stress an underutilized tool for improving population health.

Read this white paper to learn about: 
  • The interconnected relationship between sleep and stress 
  • 7 ways wearable tech shines a light on sleep and stress patterns
  • How helping people understand their sleep and stress patterns can help empower behavior change in your population
2 https://www.apa.org/monitor/2022/01/special-burnout-stress

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