Fitbit Premium
Fitbit’s digital health and wellness membership
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Unlock a more personal Fitbit experience for your population with health and fitness programs, advanced insights, sleep tools and hundreds of dynamic workouts.
Fitbit Premium helps connect the dots across activity, sleep, nutrition and stress to help your population uncover new information about their wellbeing. No matter where someone is in their health journey or what their activity level, Fitbit
Premium meets them where they are to support them in achieving their goals with:
Deeper, personalized insights: Users can uncover new information about their well-being with deeper, more personalized insights around steps, active zone minutes, sleep, heart rate, and more.
Step-by-step guidance: Guided programs help keep your population moving, eating well, sleeping better and stressing less.
Engaging & fun games: Customizable Premium challenges and games enable healthy competition and support social connectedness with colleagues, family and friends.
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