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From Step Tracker to Health & Wellbeing Companion: Google Doctors Discuss the Evolution of Fitbit

45 minutes
Fitbit made its debut in 2009 as a step tracker. Fast forward to today and Fitbit doesn’t just track steps, but can also help people reduce stress, eat well, get better sleep, and improve activity levels to reach recommended guidelines more efficiently.

Hear from Dr. John Moore and Dr. Kapil Parakh from Google about this continued evolution and how today’s Fitbit experience helps users connect the dots between their everyday behaviors and overall health & wellbeing.

As a practicing cardiologist, Dr. Parakh shared how he envisions personalized health and wellbeing experiences (like Fitbit’s) being used to help people live better with hypertension, diabetes and other chronic conditions, and how they may also play a part in prevention.

Dr. Moore discussed outcomes of clinical studies that have already shown how the addition of Fitbit to health interventions can help enhance their impact.

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John Moore, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Fitbit | Google
John Moore is a biomedical engineer, physician, and health behavior change scientist who serves as a Medical Director for Fitbit. He is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to optimize their health and wellbeing by improving their activity, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness behaviors.
Kapil Parakh, MD, MPH, PhD
Medical Lead, Fitbit | Google
Kapil Parakh is a practicing cardiologist who serves as a Medical Lead at Google. He has pioneered partnerships with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to incorporate their scientific recommendations into products. Kapil worked on Google search to launch products that disseminate high-quality health information to one billion people.