Fitbit Luxe™ Info Sheet

Fitbit’s most fashion-forward fitness & wellness tracker yet.
Fashion on the outside, fitness on the inside
Fitbit Luxe™ is designed to help your population take control of their holistic health and wellness, without sacrificing style.

From tracking sleep and activity to on-wrist tools and in-app guidance for stress management, Luxe is the perfect fit for those wanting to take control of their holistic wellbeing at a time when it's needed most:
  • Stress Management Tools - Stress Management Score helps users understand how heart rate, sleep and activity levels impact their body’s response to stress. Plus, users can focus on self-care with in-app mindfulness sessions and guided breathing tracks.*
  • Health Metrics Dashboard - Access to key weekly health metrics in the Fitbit app to help identify changes in users’ wellbeing, like stress levels, sleep quality, resting heart rate, breathing rate and much more.
  • Comfortable, Breakthrough Design - Inspired by the human body, with gentle curves that create one of our most comfortable devices yet, with an easy-to-view color touchscreen.
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