Wearable Technology's Potential to Detect Illness

The world’s most significant health advances have resulted from medical research, and Fitbit is proud to say that our devices are the most commonly used physical activity devices used in published work.
Fitbit has worked with leading research institutions to pioneer new approaches to cancer treatment, weight loss, and more. In 2019, we worked with Scripps Research to help improve surveillance of influenza-like illnesses -- a particularly relevant and important project which was the basis for Fitbit’s new, unique solution to help employers bring employees safely back to the workplace.

Join Dr. John Moore, Fitbit’s Medical Director, to learn about:
  • Fitbit’s role in research
  • How the promising results of the Scripps wearables study is helping to drive solutions for employers
  • Fitbit’s current COVID-19 research with Stanford University and its potential for identifying outbreaks
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