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Mindfulness For Challenging Times: Supporting Employees' Emotional Wellbeing

On-Demand Webinar
1 Hour

As we navigate the next phase of COVID-19, managing stress, and taking care of our emotional health is key.

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In this practical, interactive hour, we'll explore how mindfulness practices can support emotional wellbeing for your employees during these unprecedented, uncertain times. You'll learn about the benefits of mindfulness, get to try it a bit yourself, review a variety of simple practices, and learn how you can bring mindfulness into your organization.

Andrew Chaikin
Mindfulness Advisor
Fitbit Health Solutions

Andrew Chaikin is a Fitbit Mindfulness Advisor, helping guide Fitbit on their next generation of devices and services. A 20-year mindfulness practitioner, he has taught in the U.S. Congress and at various companies in the San Francisco area. He led the meditation and yoga program at the San Francisco County Jail and guides adults and kids at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California. He is a certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself, the mindful leadership program born at Google.
Kyle Versailles Headshot.png
Coach Kyle
Health Coach

Coach Kyle has been a board-certified Health and Wellness Coach and personal trainer for 4 years. He has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, nurses, stay-at-home parents, medical researchers, refugee teenagers and many more. Kyle is passionate about helping others reach their potential and have that “aha" moment. In his free time you can catch him training for an Ironman, hiking with his dog and experiencing all 4 of Michigan’s seasons in 1 day.
Amit Headshot.jpg
Amit Joshipura
Product Marketing Manager

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