On-Demand Webinar:

How The Fitbit Experience Can Help During COVID-19

On-Demand Webinar
30 minutes

We know life has changed, but Fitbit’s mission has not: we’re here to help our users move more, sleep better, eat well and stress less.

Learn more about:
Hear from our product team about how our health solution can support your population during these uncertain times. Learn about new features that have been launched in direct response to COVID-19, in addition to existing programs that have been made more accessible.

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Amit Joshipura
Product Marketing
Fitbit Health Solutions

Amit Joshipura leads product marketing efforts for Fitbit Health Solutions, the B2B arm of Fitbit that is equipping channel customers such as employers, health plans, partner organizations, and brokers with cost-effective solutions to address health issues across their populations. His biggest passions are healthcare and technology that can have a global impact. Previous to Fitbit, he was a commercial marketing strategist at Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company, where he focused on glucose monitoring technology for the US diabetes business. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring large urban cities, trying new eateries, parkour workouts, and spending time with family and friends.
Kyle Versailles Headshot.png
Coach Kyle
Health Coach

Coach Kyle has been a board-certified Health and Wellness Coach and personal trainer for 4 years. He has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, nurses, stay-at-home parents, medical researchers, refugee teenagers and many more. Kyle is passionate about helping others reach their potential and have that “aha" moment. In his free time you can catch him training for an Ironman, hiking with his dog and experiencing all 4 of Michigan’s seasons in 1 day.
Amit Headshot.jpg
Amit Joshipura
Product Marketing Manager

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