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How Carle Health System Supported Their Employees During COVID-19

Many employers are focused on keeping remote employees engaged and healthy, which means having to get creative with the health and wellness solutions they have in place.
Join Erin Duncan, Employee Wellness Coordinator for Carle Health System, and Lauryn D’Angelo, Fitbit Health Solutions Account Manager, as they discuss the ways in which Carle Health is modifying the Fitbit Care population health solution to address current work and stay at home orders.

You'll hear how Carle Health:

  • Uses Fitbit Premium videos to hold weekly employee virtual workouts
  • Utilizes Fitbit Care to send push notifications to employees
  • Adapted their annual 5K to be virtual with the use of Fitbit devices

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Erin Duncan
Wellness Coordinator
Carle Health System

Erin Duncan is the Wellness Coordinator for Carle Health System, where she supports employees through creating a culture of wellbeing and providing personal solutions to help them live happier, healthier lives. By understanding the unique needs of such a diverse workforce, Erin creates and administers wellness programs that are both fun and educational while embracing each employees’ individual challenges, confidence and readiness to change.
Lauryn D'Angelo
Strategic Account Manager
Fitbit Health Solutions

Lauryn D’Angelo is a Strategic Account Manager at Fitbit who works closely with enterprise employers to deliver customized, employer-specific health and wellness solutions. Lauryn’s responsibilities include increasing engagement, improving health outcomes, and driving positive returns and VOI for her customers. She has a Master’s of Science in Health and Wellness Management from the University of Wisconsin.