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Fitbit's Role in Research

Fitbit is proud to say that our devices are the most commonly used physical activity devices used in published work.

Fitbit enables researchers to access data through our world-class APIs and software developer kit, our devices collect objective data, and our powerful brand helps draw participants to research studies.

Join Fitbit's Research Partnership Manager Nova Hammerquist and Scripps Research Epidemiologist Jennifer Radin to learn about:

  • How Fitbit works with research institutions to pioneer new approaches to cancer treatment, weight loss, and more
  • How Scripps Research used Fitbit data to improve surveillance of influenza-like illnesses
  • Fitbit’s Research Pledge, and how it provides best practices for user privacy protections
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Nova Hammerquist
Sr. Program Manager, Health Research Partnerships
Fitbit Health Solutions
Jennifer Radin
Scripps Research