Health Coaching: Multiplying the Value of Wearables and Patient-Generated Health Data

Beyond management: How wearables + healthcare coaching is the disease prevention solution care providers need
Super-charge the value of patient-generated health data
Wearables and patient-generated health data (PGHD) continue to be an effective tool in the fight against chronic disease. While the feedback helps patients and their care providers make more informed decisions, challenges with data integration and long-term behavior change still exist.

In this report by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), see how existing obstacles to disease management and prevention are being dismantled — leading to better patient engagement and improved health outcomes.

The HIMSS report examines:
  • The current role of PGHD in chronic care management
  • The barriers health care systems and providers face in leveraging this data
  • What role health coaching plays in disease management and prevention
  • How to empower patients to be more collaborative and engaged in their health
See how a combination of PGHD and health coaching is driving long-term behavior changes. Download your copy of the report now.

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