Two-Part Webinar Series:

New Product Webinars

Wednesday, August 7: 9:00 am PST
Wednesday, August 14: 10:00 am PST
Wednesday, August 21: 9:00 am PST
Wednesday, August 28: 9:00 am PST

Promote sustainable healthy habits in your organization with our newest product releases: Fitbit Premium™, the Fitbit Versa 2™ smartwatch, and the Aria Air™ smart scale.

Keep employees engaged with Fitbit’s market-leading, consumer health technology and world-renowned brand, beloved by more than 27 million users worldwide.

Tune into these webinars if you manage health and wellness efforts at your organization, if you design health plan programs, or if you work with clients who fall into these categories.

Register at the links below to participate.

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On-Demand Webinar

Introducing Fitbit Premium™, Fitbit's newest tool to help participants get even more from their Fitbit experience.

Fitbit Premium™ is a paid subscription service in the Fitbit® app that harnesses users' unique data to deliver Fitbit’s most personalized experience yet, with actionable guidance and coaching to help your employees achieve their health and fitness goals. Premium leverages insights from 10+ years of Fitbit data as well as academic and medical expertise to help users move more, sleep better and eat well. Premium will be available to Fitbit Health Solutions customers through Fitbit Care.

In this webinar, you'll learn how Fitbit Premium™ allows employees to turn their stats into personalized health and fitness guidance with:

  • Guided Programs
  • Dynamic Workouts
  • Personalized Insights
  • Advanced Sleep Tools

You will also get a high level overview of the Fitbit Care platform, learn key details on how to deploy Fitbit Premium™ across your organization, and how to monitor utilization and evaluate impact.


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On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss features of both of our new hardware releases, and how you can utilize Fitbit's world-renowned brand to keep employees engaged in your health and wellness efforts.

We'll walk you through the Fitbit Versa 2™, our latest smartwatch, and its amazing features, including:

  • Seamless tracking of activity, sleep, and heart health
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa Built-in
  • In-app Sleep Score
  • Always-on display mode
  • 5+ day battery life
  • Fitbit Pay™

We'll cover the new Aria Air™, our latest smart scale, and its features, including:

  • Easy smartphone setup
  • Wireless sync via bluetooth
  • Multiple users
  • Integration with the Fitbit app where you can log your food, workouts, and more

You will also get a high level overview of the Fitbit Care platform, how to offer the Fitbit Versa 2™ and Aria Air through a custom online storefront or bulk order, and how to monitor utilization and evaluate impact.


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